said, "Ye four shalt be my greatest, and the Empire shall quake before your might." Sarnath thus christened his knights, who would over time come to be known across nations.
Gleeok the Multifarious, the most junior of the Hounds, was deployed to Ashwall on the outskirts of the Empire's encroachment to ensure that no enemies would breach the Church's territory. Over time, the ancient structure acquired the name Dreadfort, and stories of the monster within haunted the dreams of imperial soldiers.
Ilthor the Sagely, wisest of the four, eschewed martial prowess in favor of magical knowledge. Though slight of build, his forces were amongst the strongest the Church could deploy. Through his enchantments, each man fought with the endurance and strength of three normal soldiers.
Ragnasaurth the Unbreakable, second in command, was known not only for his prodigious size but also for his greatshield, against which scores of foes dashed themselves in vain. When he finally fell on the field of battle, none were strong enough to move his corpse, for it is said his bones were denser than any known metal.
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